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My Texturrific Liners for Procreate are set of texture-y line brushes, great for outlining in illustration work, sketching, lettering and more! This set comes with a wide variety of differently-textured line brushes, to add a bold touch of realism to your work. Different texture effects can be utilized when using the brushes at different sizes. Brushes have been optimized for use with the Apple Pencil.

  1. Primo Ink - Fine-grain, super awesome inker brush. For when you want solid lines with just the right amount of subtle texture.
  2. Grungy - This might be my favorite brush of the set. Perfect amount of randomized grit.
  3. Rough Day - Larger-grain, rough and ready for art makin’.
  4. Cracklin' - Grain which resembles a cracked, scratchy surface.
  5. Round Grain - Bold and solid with a relatively consistent grain.
  6. Rugged - Grain a little on the smaller size, but highly texturized.
  7. Waxed - Crayon-esque liner with loads of grit.
  8. Gritty - Smaller-grained brush with pointy, spiky grain.
  9. Tulle - Solid bold brush with subtle tulle fabric texture.
  10. Freckled - High-contrast solid brush with a speckly grain.
  11. Burlap - Highly texturized brush with a grainy but uniform burlap fabric texture.
  12. Spotty - Another favorite! Semi-uniform dot texture adds a really fun element to this brush.
  13. Linen - High-contrast, highly-textured brush with a linen fabric texture.
  14. Pepper - rough sparse grain for a lighter feel.

Included: Installation Instructions PDF Procreate .brushset files including 14 procreate brushes.

Be sure to update Procreate to version 4.1 or later (required)

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Texturrific Liners for Procreate.

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