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кисти для ipad

  1. Dogma

    Classic Comics Procreate Brushes

    Classic Comics Procreate Brushes & Color Swatches are specially designed for Illustrators, Graphic and Comic Designers. Comic Edition: Issue 2 Classic Comics Studying masters is a long-used method for learning and building your artistic skills and they're a great source of inspiration. In...
  2. Dogma

    18 Face Details Brushes for Procreate app

    18 face details brushes. Looking for something to spice up your artwork even more? Find the shine you are looking for in this pack. Also do not forget to try out the famous Glitter Tear brush. Use in Add blend mode for best result. Demo 18 Face Details Brushes for Procreate app. Brushset |...
  3. Dogma

    Shape and Ornament Brushes for Procreate

    Create beautiful frames, borders, shapes and motifs with the tap of your pencil! Different to your standard painting brushes, these ‘stamp’ a design element on your canvas. Easily create endless combinations of vintage frames and borders with over 100 brushes! Add flourishes and shapes to your...
  4. Dogma

    Feather Procreate Stamp Brush

    10 Feather Procreate stamp brush. This brush set is only work with procreate app. Required: iPad Pro or iPad Apple pencil Procreate Version 5.0 and higher (App) Demo Feather Procreate Stamp Brush. Brushset | 13.9 Mb
  5. Dogma

    Procreate Tattoo Design Stamps Brush

    All 26 brushes 21 stamp brushes 5 brushes This brush set is only work with procreate app. Required: iPad Pro or iPad Apple pencil Procreate Version 5.0 and higher (App) Demo Procreate Tattoo Design Stamps Brush. Brushset | 21.4 Mb
  6. Dogma

    Procreate Lips and Mouth Stamp Brush

    24 Procreate Lips Stamp Brush, Lips Silhouette,Lips Cut, Procreate Mouth Brushes, Procreate Kiss Brushset, Lips Print Package Content: Instruction guidebook One brushset Instant download Note: These brushes are for the iOS app Procreate 4 and higher, for use with the iPad Pro. These brushes...
  7. Dogma

    Procreate Paper Brush Kit

    I've always loved the look of paper texture and wanted to recreate it on Procreate and iPad, and the result is this kit! Give your sketches, drawings, lettering and whatever else you want to create the look of real paper! Combined with the realistic and natural moving shadows of palm leaves you...
  8. Dogma

    Animal Fur Procreate Brushes

    This awesome product contains four fur brushes to help you with your animal artwork! These brushes make painting animals such as wolves, cats, dog and foxes a lot easier! Watch the Digi Life Procreate Brushes in action on the Digi Life Testing Video. Includes: 4 Fur Brushes Requirements...
  9. Dogma

    Back to School Procreate Brushes

    Back to School Procreate Brushes are specially designed for Educators and Graphic Designers. Ideal for: Webinars Powerpoint Presentations Promotional Advertising about School Items Teaching Watch the Back to School Procreate Brushes in action on the Digi Life Testing Video. Includes...
  10. Dogma

    Spills & Splats for Procreate

    Mysterious liquid splats, grungy, dirty, creepy, slimy, sticky, strange textures. Instantly add dynamic textures and random accents to any project! Included: 111 Procreate Splatter Stamp Brushes Instant Download, Access Anytime What you'll Get: Spills & Splats - 111 Dynamic and mysterious...
  11. Dogma

    Pattern Brushes 2.0 for Procreate

    A new set with 56 pattern brushes you can use in Procreate. Examples in the previews. These are great to use on clothing, tattoos, backgrounds etc... Demo Pattern Brushes 2.0 for Procreate. Brushset | 28.5 Mb
  12. Dogma

    Pattern Brushes for Procreate

    This is a big set with 40 custom made pattern brushes that you can use for anything: backgrounds, character’s clothing, tattoos and so on. They’re very easy to use and I’m super happy with them - I’m certain you will be too! Demo Pattern Brushes for Procreate. Brushset | 22 Mb
  13. Dogma

    Procreate BrushPack - Greens

    This Procreate BrushPack includes 41 Great Brushes for Vegetation of all sorts. Paint a forest, jungle, trees and such in a few brush-strokes. Some of these Brushes also uses ColorDynamics. This gives even more variation and realism. Demo Procreate BrushPack - Greens. Brushset | 43.4 Mb
  14. Dogma

    Pure Gold Procreate Brushset

    Pure Gold Procreate Brushset gives your art a grand sheen of gilt. These Procreate brushes will give you shine, luminosity, glow and richness the real jewelry. But that's not all! Can you imagine golden tints on wet watercolors? You can do it with this fantastic brush set! Gold in graphic...
  15. Dogma

    Clothing & Accessories Brushes for Procreate

    A brush pack with 60 brushes to make character painting faster and simpler. Fabric textures, necklaces, glasses, tattoos and so on. Tip: the fabric texture brushes should be painted on a seperate layer because of their blend mode. Check the preview images for details on what you’ll get with...
  16. Dogma

    Creature Brushes for Procreate

    80 brushes for creating real and fantasy creatures in Procreate. Check the previews to see what the pack contains. Among other things: Brushes to easily make feathers, horns, teeth, skeleton parts and scales. (This pack has 2 fur brushes) These brushes are created in and for Procreate 5, and...
  17. Dogma

    Butterfly Stamps and Brushes for Procreate

    10 butterfly stamps ready to be coloured and experimented with in Procreate. Also comes with 3 extra butterfly brushes. Demo Butterfly Stamps and Brushes for Procreate. Brushset | 4.3 Mb
  18. Dogma

    Brushes for Painters

    Procreate Brushes designed for painting. Every one of the 10 brushes can be used for creating an entire illustration without the need to change brushes at all. I hope you’ll create hundreds of paintings with these like I have and remember to enjoy the process =) To install the files just drag...
  19. Dogma

    Freestyler - Brushes for Procreate

    Freestyler - Create Multiple Lettering Styles with Little Effort! I used to find it hard to produce individual pieces of art that contained lots of different lettering styles combined with quirky doodle elements, so I took time to practice and produce a resource to enable others to this quickly...
  20. Dogma

    457 Watercolor Stamps for Procreate

    Introducing the Watercolor Strokes Stamps for Procreate. Big Pack of real and high quality watercolor shapes. This set includes 457 stylish watercolor stamps. All brushes match great together and will give you many opportunities to create something awesome ) Use these set for branding...