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GoodKid Studio's Monoline Brush Set is a collection of finely tuned hi-res brushes for Procreate.

With this pack, you get:
  • 20 Monoline brushes for Procreate 5+
  • 3 Texture brushes
  • Example illustrations
  • Instruction manual for easy usage
Monoline brushes are a great way to get into line art as you don't have to think about line weight or complex shading.

These brushes were originally created for my own use in both personal and commercial illustration, and I thought it would be beneficial to share the tools I use with others to create beautiful work. I love monoline artwork because there's something stamplike and natural about a gorgeous retro digital line.

With these specially designed brushes, drawing with the Apple Pencil becomes an easier and more fun experience. The rough-edge monoline brushes stand out, creating stamp-like textures and razor-sharp edges. Additionally, a variety of brushes have soft or hard edges, broad or narrow strokes, for all kinds of styles. Unleash your creativity and let these brushes take your artwork to new heights!

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Monoline Brush Set for Procreate.

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