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  1. Dogma

    RisoTex Procreate Brushes

    Introducing a new set for the new year, here’s the RisoTex brush set for Procreate. If you’re looking to recreate the style of risograph printing into their work, this Procreate brush set is a great toolkit. It's not about transforming your art into something it's not,, it's about enhancing it...
  2. Dogma

    Monomania Liners for Procreate

    Whether you're cranking out monsters with mono-brows or finessing studio-quality fine art, Monomania gives the ultimate analog drawing experience for your digital workflow. Create tactile mono-weight linework with all the superior feel and response you've come to expect from our brushes...
  3. Dogma

    High Quality Texture Brushes for Procreate

    12 High quality custom texture brushes for Procreate. Includes: Flames .brush Brick .brush Hair .brush Concrete .brush Jeans .brush Olympus .brush Parthenon .brush Fish .brush Wood .brush Papyrus .brush Canvas .brush Sahara .brush Compatibility: Procreate App for iPad. Demo High Quality...
  4. Dogma

    Dans Grain Brushes Procreate

    Dans Grain Brushes is collection of dry grunge for Procreate offers a nice set of natural-feel tools to help you capture your ideas in quick sketches and also take them to a finished painting, all in one small pack! Demo Grain Brushes Procreate. Brushset | 7.4 Mb
  5. Dogma

    Grit Grunge Procreate Brushes

    Versatile set of 25 textured Procreate brushes, including noise, dust, rock, canvas, handmade papers, chalk, marble and more. Demo Grit Grunge Procreate Brushes. Brushset | 142 Mb
  6. Dogma

    Dans Grunge Brush Procreate

    Dans Grunge brush is collection of dry grunge for Procreate offers a nice set of natural-feel tools to help you capture your ideas in quick sketches and also take them to a finished painting, all in one small pack! Demo Dans Grunge Brush Procreate. Brushset | 4.5 Mb
  7. Dogma

    Texture & Grain Procreate Brushes

    A marvellous set of 47 unique texture, grit, grunge and grain brushes for Procreate. It's easy to add texture to your work. I like to paint using the clean taper brush, then put the layer on Alpha lock, and begin to build up colour and texture. It's a collage type approach which works very well...
  8. Dogma

    Abstract Shapes and Textures

    Figure - is a set of 134 abstract shapes (retro and ultra thin line), 20 grunge textures, 20 plasticwrap elements and 2 instagram templates. Multipurpose shapes provided in a huge rage of formats so they can be used in resolution and color you need. They look good in combination with plastic...
  9. Dogma

    Chalk & Charcoal Vector Brushes

    80 Realistic Chalk & Charcoal Brushes To Make Your Illustrations Pop. Detailed brushes built straight into illustrator to give your work an authentic look, (brings back memories of primary school days when we got our hands dirty). Brushes give your design projects a unique style compared to...
  10. Dogma

    Wiggle Illustrator Vector Brushes

    48 Illustrator brushes to make your straight edges more interesting. These are great for creating frames, edges and borders. Or apply them to your vector sketches to give a handdrawn sketchy effect. Demo Wiggle Illustrator Vector Brushes. AI | 4.2 Mb
  11. Dogma

    Pattern Magic Procreate Brushes

    50 pattern brushes for Procreate. Paint a pattern onto any area of your canvas. Mix and match to build up bold texture, or reduce the opacity for a subtle effect. Try blocking in a simple illustration, then set the layer to alpha lock. Then paint over different areas with pattern. It makes it...
  12. Dogma

    80 Photoshop Brushes (Dust, Grunge, Texture, Wood)

    80 Photoshop Brushes - Dust, Grunge, Texture. It’s really tempting to just dive into all the different brush types there are and what tasks they’re used for. You will get plenty of opinions here and they will probably all be correct. Here are some things you should take into account when you’re...
  13. Dogma

    DupliTone Halftones for Procreate

    I always wondered why nobody did it before us. I mean, old school halftones are beautiful… you think that one art nerd would’ve made halftone brushes this good. We did make them and it turns out it takes a long time to get halftones right. DUPLITONE FOR PROCREATE LETS YOU... Get aged, lo-fi...
  14. Dogma

    Spring Market Procreate Brushes

    The Spring Market Brush and Stamp Collection - 59 Procreate brushes and 23 Textured stamps to celebrate the start of Spring and help you create gorgeous designs with fun and textured brushes. This brush set is everything you need to create mockups, flowers, characters and more. You can even try...
  15. Dogma

    The Ultimate Procreate Background Set

    Introducing the finest set to create stunning crafty scenes in Procreate! Who doesn’t miss the feeling of sourcing papers and finding the best textures to do awesome crafty creations? We certainly do and after going through hundreds of materials in stores, basements and design studios we came...
  16. Dogma

    The Ultimate Texture Brush Library

    You won't find another brush set like this - a varied and comprehensive library containing unique yet useful textures! I collect textures constantly and have a massive library at my disposal - with this pack, I've taken the best ones from my extensive collection and converted them into vector...
  17. Dogma

    Watercolor Brush Bundle

    Watercolor Brush Bundle 07 This is a very popular product for those who love water color and it will help you to make any of your designs very beautiful in a very short time. Our Photoshop brushes will help you to think anew and make your work more beautiful because we have included the Auto...
  18. Dogma

    Dirty Overlays for Procreate

    The fastest way to add quick and dirty texture to any artwork! My favorite texture pack now includes 90 one-tap-textures. Scratches, splatters, cracks, grunge, dust, noise, canvas, dirt, and much more come included in this massive kit of 90 texture stamps. Finally, put that final polish on a...
  19. Dogma

    Сracked Photoshop Action

    Simulated action in cracked effect. Features: 1 ATN file (action) 1 ABR file (brush) 1 PAT file (pattern) 1 Help Files Non-destructive action Well Arranged Layers Layers Are Adjustable Works in the following versions: CS4, CS5, CS6, CC+ Only for the English version of photoshop For best...
  20. Dogma

    15 Fabric Blueprint Texture Photoshop Stamp Brushes

    Fabric Blueprint Photoshop Stamp Brushes for Photoshop CS2 – CC (All versions) 15 Brushes inside, 2500 pixels size These brushes are high-resolution images and could be a great addition to any project. Use can use them as photo overlays, for digital photo manipulation, as visual effects for...

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