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DupliTone Halftones for Procreate

DupliTone Halftones for Procreate

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I always wondered why nobody did it before us. I mean, old school halftones are beautiful… you think that one art nerd would’ve made halftone brushes this good.

We did make them and it turns out it takes a long time to get halftones right.

  • Get aged, lo-fi halftone shading better than anything on the market.
  • Create diverse halftone effects with no complex settings.
  • Seamlessly layer halftones for shading and texture variations.
  • Choose from all the classic dot and line percentages and angles (see brush list below).
  • Choose between traditional, rough or squeaky clean smooth halftones.
Before DupliTone, you either had to make due with the limited default brush capabilities of Procreate, or if you were dedicated, export your work to Photoshop and try to collage something together.

Even with all that work, the results are far from authentic. And if you need more intricate tonal variations for shading you just might find the task nearly impossible.

DupliTone was built from the start with classic vintage offset printing in mind. Capture the classic look of print found on consumer packaging, cheap print work, and ephemera.


Duplitone Standard Brushes

  • 9 rough halftone dot brushes (10% - 90%)
  • 18 rough halftone line brushes (10% - 90%)
  • 9 smooth halftone dot brushes (10% - 90%)
  • 18 smooth halftone line brushes (10% - 90%)
Duplitone Shader Brushes
  • 9 rough halftone dot shader brushes (10% - 90%)
  • 18 rough halftone line shader brushes (10% - 90%)
  • 9 smooth halftone dot shader brushes (10% - 90%)
  • 18 smooth halftone line shader brushes (10% - 90%)
Note: All brushes are 45° angle halftones and come in 10-90%.

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DupliTone Halftones for Procreate.

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