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  1. Dogma

    70+ Male and Female Body Poses Stamps for Procreate

    Make your drawing more expressive with these brushes! This set contains over 70 cool poses from different angles for your characters. In this set there are: Female body poses Brushes (35) Male body poses Brushes (36) You can also watch a video where I show these brushes in action. Demo 70+...
  2. Dogma

    Tinge Texture Procreate Brushes

    How to stay authentic after switching to digital illustration and conserve the main things you love about drawing? Ride the line between fun experience and to-the-point project with atmospheric, dreamy Procreate brushes collection! There are pencils, charcoal, crayons and paper albums to be...
  3. Dogma

    Tinge Texture Photoshop Brushes

    The magic dreamland opens its gates to everyone, who’s tired to have cookie-cutter ways of thinking. Snap out of usual approach to digital illustration as now you have this bad boy to get crazy with — a genuine collection of Photoshop brushes, ready to texturize the whole world! There are...
  4. Dogma

    Illustration Brushes: Procreate

    INTRODUCING Illustration Brushes: Procreate Brushes, texture brush set for Procreate featuring 21 texture brushes, perfect for children’s book illustrators, and pressure-sensitive brushes perfect for hand lettering! In this set, you will get 21 AUTHENTIC textured illustration-inspired brushes...
  5. Dogma

    Monogram Collections Photoshop Brushes

    Monogram Collection - 104 Photoshop Brushes. It’s really tempting to just dive into all the different brush types there are and what tasks they’re used for. You will get plenty of opinions here and they will probably all be correct. Here are some things you should take into account when you’re...
  6. Dogma

    Halloween Procreate Stamps Brushes

    Halloween Procreate Stamp Brushes which are ready to use with Procreate. Mix and match to create your own fun Halloween scenes. In the set you will find: Ready Scenes Pumpkin eyes Pumpkin mouths Pumpkins to mix and match with the above Witch and Vampire Boy Characters, Reaper Girl, Flying...
  7. Dogma

    3D Lettering Grids and Brushes for Photoshop

    Create cool lettering with these grids. Different angles, line lettering and round lettering grids. Easy to use and easy to make extra cool Lettering! 26 PNG grids: Use png grids for easy creating 3D LETTERING. Place letters into big squares, draw lines according to grid, add colors and use...
  8. Dogma

    MegaPack for lettering for Procreate

    This MegaPack for Procreate includes all of my calligraphy and lettering brush packs: blackletter brushes, brushes for sign painting. zodiac brushes, pentel brushes, and new expressive calligraphy brushes. 6 brush sets, over 100 brushes for many lettering and calligraphy styles. Demo...
  9. Dogma

    Deep Cuts | Engraving Brushes For Procreate

    Realistic Engraving Brushes for Procreate! Create engraving effects in Procreate in minutes (instead of hours). Create authentic engraving and bespoke ink effects with ease. With our ground-up build of the engraver's brush pack, you can now create a stunning variety of different styles with...
  10. Dogma

    High Quality Texture Brushes for Procreate

    12 High quality custom texture brushes for Procreate. Includes: Flames .brush Brick .brush Hair .brush Concrete .brush Jeans .brush Olympus .brush Parthenon .brush Fish .brush Wood .brush Papyrus .brush Canvas .brush Sahara .brush Compatibility: Procreate App for iPad. Demo High Quality...
  11. Dogma

    Procreate Watercolour Brushes

    This is a highly comprehensive set of 50 artisanal watercolour Procreate brushes. It includes realistic paint brushes, textures, splatters, blenders and pencils. This set makes is ridiculously easy to create highly realistic watercolour paintings and textures. Also included is a pack of 6...
  12. Dogma

    Graffiti textures and brushes

    Prepare yourself to take the street with your new graffiti art! Express your urban style using this Graffiti pack and get real effect. All these textures are authentic spray taken from pictures from the streets. Show up your New York city’s style with the 35 brushes for Procreate and Photoshop...
  13. Dogma

    Procreate Galaxy Brushes

    Introducing 85 Procreate Galaxy Brushes. This brush is made from a combination of real space objects. Made with care and has good image quality. This brush has many shapes in every stroke. Will look more real if you use a black background. This Brush can be used to create backgrounds, for...
  14. Dogma

    Scribbles Procreate Brushes

    Cute chaotic doodles pop and spark like firecrackers! Time to slow down and give up to the exhilarating exuberance the adorable scribbles carry. So temperamental flashes, comprising crayon strokes from coloring books, pencil scratches left on wallpapers and chalky drawings of disproportioned...
  15. Dogma

    Elixir Watercolor Procreate Brushes

    Remember the last time you held brushes and watercolor paint in your hands, peacefully obeying creative impulses coming from your soul. The result is a pleasant reward for hours of artistic meditation: it's not about replicating the world, it's about rethinking, changing and interpreting it...
  16. Dogma

    Elixir Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

    Become the favorite watercolor illustrator of your own by getting armed with the irreplaceable tool for making outstanding aquarelle drawings! No paint water cups and unexpected accident sprinkles of color — the process is fully manageable, every action is reversible and the result is...
  17. Dogma

    Character Builder - Drawing Toolkit

    Character Builder - Drawing Toolbox creates easy characters wireframe in seconds! Drawing characters can be really hard difficult. This kit is designed to help you to draw and sketch characters. It will improve your character drawing skills in no time! In this set, you will get 102 AUTHENTIC...
  18. Dogma

    Procreate Hair Brushes

    A hair salon on your iPad! This set makes it really easy to create stunning realistic hair, complete with highlights and low-lights. There's an eyebrow brush (brush it on and build up the brow volume), a single lash brush, and brushes for creating beards and body hair. Great for animal portraits...
  19. Dogma

    Sparks Procreate Brushes

    Get 11 brushes for procreate drawing. Realistic fire effect. 11 different spark effects. Easy to add sparks to your photos and artworks. Just brush over and get realistic sparking effect. Brushes with pen pressure sensitivity. Features: 11Procreate Brushes 11 Different Spark Effects Great...
  20. Dogma

    Scribbles Photoshop Brushes

    Remember these magic multicolor pens every kid was dreaming of? One thick ballpoint buddy could be 8, 10 or even 20-in-one, sparing you from carrying around a collection of hues. Not only pens but markers and crayons were designed according to the same principle, causing children worldwide to...

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