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  1. Dogma

    Monomania Liners for Procreate

    Whether you're cranking out monsters with mono-brows or finessing studio-quality fine art, Monomania gives the ultimate analog drawing experience for your digital workflow. Create tactile mono-weight linework with all the superior feel and response you've come to expect from our brushes...
  2. Dogma

    Inkling - Procreate Ink Collection

    This Procreate brush set replicates the intense colours, transparency and fluidity of ink. Ink originated in the Far East more than 2,000 years ago, and has never lost popularity as an artists medium. Solid ink sticks were originally used, diluted with water for varying effect. Ink wash is a...
  3. Dogma

    Deep Cuts | Engraving Brushes For Procreate

    Realistic Engraving Brushes for Procreate! Create engraving effects in Procreate in minutes (instead of hours). Create authentic engraving and bespoke ink effects with ease. With our ground-up build of the engraver's brush pack, you can now create a stunning variety of different styles with...
  4. Dogma

    Tattoo Art Brushes - Procreate

    Create Jerry Sailor inspired tattoo style art in Procreate with my stipple shading and outline brushes! My best-selling Tattoo Style Art Brushes are now available to use in Procreate! I've re-engineered and refined the original material so that it works perfectly in Procreate making drawing...
  5. Dogma

    Ultimate Ink Brushes • Procreate

    Create digital art that looks just like real paint with the Ultimate Ink Brushes for Procreate! With October and its ink drawing challenge just around the corner, it's the perfect time to add a set of high-quality ink brushes to your Procreate brush collection. For optimal results, the ink...
  6. Dogma

    Atelier Art Brush Collection

    No need to buy separate Procreate brush sets for different art materials, this one has it all. So often, you'll find brush sets are bloated with similar brushes which all look and behave the same way. It can be a bit disappointing! This set is paired down to the best essentials for each medium...
  7. Dogma

    Wiggle Illustrator Vector Brushes

    48 Illustrator brushes to make your straight edges more interesting. These are great for creating frames, edges and borders. Or apply them to your vector sketches to give a handdrawn sketchy effect. Demo Wiggle Illustrator Vector Brushes. AI | 4.2 Mb
  8. Dogma

    Lighthouse Liner Procreate Brushes

    When we're preparing a new set of brushes for any existing software, it's the essential thought spinning on our mind that you guys will ask for more versions. As a matter of fact, we love when you do that! So hope you'll be happy about this release of Liner Procreate Brushes! From now on, you...
  9. Dogma

    Procreate Pencil Case

    This brush set is the perfect companion for your procreate experiments and creations. The idea behind this was to recreate that pencil case you always had, or like me still do have, filled with all kinds of pens and pencils in various states of repair. The unsharpened pencil, the stubbed fine...
  10. Dogma

    Marelica Font & Procreate Brushes

    Marelica is a combination of handwritten font and Procreate brushes. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, symbols & punctuation it includes multilingual characters, and ligatures. Procreate brush set is a mixture of stamps, ink, and texture brushes. You will find...
  11. Dogma

    Digital Ink Brush Set for Procreate

    Achieve a hand-drawn effect in a fraction of the time with these custom, professional digital inking brushes from Procreate. Whether you like your strokes rough, organic, or crispy clean, this wide range of brushes has you covered. Time is limited within your hectic schedule—that’s why these...
  12. Dogma

    Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns for Procreate

    Create authentic looking hand drawn, fine liner art with ease in Procreate! I've received countless requests to convert my best-selling Fine Liner pack to Procreate and so, I'm pleased to announce that the pack is here! The original Illustrator version has sold thousands of copies and I'm...
  13. Dogma

    Ink Brush Stroke for Photo Overlay

    We create unique ink strokes specifically for the creation of photo overlays. We provide abstract ink strokes in png file with transparent background, vector with eps 10, and photoshop brush. you can use this for photo editing needs and design asset elements. Files Included: 19 Ink Brush...
  14. Dogma

    Rusty Nib Inkers for Procreate

    Draw til yer dead with over 130 pro-quality distressed inking brushes for Procreate, from rough and gritty to smooth and delicate and everything between. Each brush is built from scratch using original analogue brush and texture samples to create a diverse and powerful set of tools that combine...
  15. Dogma

    Georg's InkTober 2020 47 Brushes Set

    InkTober 2020 Is Here! Brace yourself with 47 amazing new Procreate 5X sketch, ink, dual color wash, and marker brushes from my latest MegaPack XXL Inktober update! Demo Georg's InkTober 2020 47 Brushes Set. Brushset | 470.1 Mb
  16. Dogma

    Lighthouse Liner Affinity Brushes

    Cute doodles and sketches with a fine liner can be transferred from the pages of your notebook to the artboard in Affinity! Don’t part with your favorite illustration tool: the magic of hand-drawn image won’t vanish if you have our Lighthouse Liner Brushes for Affinity. There are 24 ink, 32...
  17. Dogma

    Abstract stamps for Procreate

    Set of 93 brushes / / (all examples above) Hand made and easy to use one-click stamp brushes for your art work. PS! Compatible only with Ipad Procreate APP! Brushes are in .brushset file ( Installing the .brushset file format, you'll need iOS 11 and Procreate version 4.1 or higher). Demo...
  18. Dogma

    Hatch & Stipple Procreate Brushes

    The most realistic hatch brush set out there! You can achieve highly realistic stipple and hatch effects with these 36 procreate brushes. Each brush has a different look or quality, so there are no fillers, just unique quality brushes. Layer them up and/or tap for the best effects. Great for...
  19. Dogma

    Stipple Brushes for Illustrator

    Retro design movements are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. However, it may be pretty complicated to focus your attention and interest on a single one. So eventually, we've picked classic Pop Art and Yves Saint-Laurent's style of the mid-'70s and brought them mixed in our Eclectica...
  20. Dogma

    Stipple Brushes for Procreate

    Why choose a single retro movement if you can blend your favorite ones and create something totally unique! So did we, as we mixed the roaring Pop Art and Yves Saint-Laurent's style of the mid-'70s to introduce our new Eclectica, a collection of stipple Procreate brushes. We invite you to...

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