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This brush set is the perfect companion for your procreate experiments and creations.

The idea behind this was to recreate that pencil case you always had, or like me still do have, filled with all kinds of pens and pencils in various states of repair.

The unsharpened pencil, the stubbed fine liner or that inky marker that’s been used way too many times. I wanted to build a set of brushes that will give you all the tools you need to start creating amazing illustrations, lettering and everything in between.

There’s hopefully something for everyone in here. I’ve tried to create a wide range of lining brushes that go from silky smooth to down right straggly and bumpy, as well as a collection of grainy shaders and stipplers.

There are a total of 34 brushes in the pencil case spread across a range of styles and uses. Carry on reading below to find out a bit more about what's included...

The Brushes

Below is a quick summary of each brush included in the set:
  • Sketchy: A collection of textured lining brushes that you can use for all aspects of your work. From sketching the initial idea to adding some toothy lines to add depth.
  • Inky: These are brushes I use all the time, although some of the changes are subtle. After needing different styles in my own work I've tried to create an inking brush for everyone occasion, from silky and smooth to bumpy and frazzled.
  • Grainy: Perfect for adding depth to your artwork, a mix of granular shading brushes with different levels of depth and noise.
  • Stipply: A more solid option than the grainy brushes these will add some speckley noise without that extra shading element.
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Procreate Pencil Case.

Brushset, Brush, PDF | 153 Mb
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