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Create authentic looking hand drawn, fine liner art with ease in Procreate!

I've received countless requests to convert my best-selling Fine Liner pack to Procreate and so, I'm pleased to announce that the pack is here! The original Illustrator version has sold thousands of copies and I'm super-pleased to bring this set of hand-drawn brushes to a wider audience.

The pack was originally created as the result of a nostalgic trip down memory lane, sorting through old school and art college sketchbooks, where I re-discovered a love for the fine-liner. I used to spend more hours than I probably should have making patterns, shapes and doodles.

The resulting pack is an authentic and versatile tool kit, which includes a huge range of different pen marks - straight and undulating outlines, dots and dashes, stippling, zigzags and more. Included is a set of seamless, repeat pattern brushes, which are designed to fill large areas quickly and easily.

The pack contains all of these fantastic components:

The Brushes

  • 3 Standard Stipple Brushes.
  • 1 Light Stipple Brush - perfect for building up tone.
  • 2 purpose-built Stipple Shader Brushes - save loads of time.
  • 1 Undulating Ink Outline Brush - For use with Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.
  • 1 Tapered Ink Outline Brush - For use with Apple Pencil or equivalent stylus.
  • 1 Asterisk Brush.
  • 4 Cross Brushes.
  • 2 Star Brushes.
  • 1 Dot Brush.
  • 3 Dash Brushes.
  • 3 Line Brushes.
  • 1 Zigzag Brush - Best used on straight or regularly curved lines.
The Pattern Brushes
  • 1 Scribble Pattern Brush.
  • 2 Stipple Pattern Brushes.
  • 4 Line Pattern Brushes.
  • 3 Zigzag Pattern Brushes.
  • 1 Drip Pattern Brush.
A Quick Reference Guide

This will help you quickly find the right brushes for the task in hand.


A guide on how to load and draw with the brushes is supplied.

Software compatibility - You will need Procreate 5.0 and an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus to use this product.

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Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns for Procreate.

Brushset, PDF | 11.5 Mb
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