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Create authentic hand-stitched collages in Affinity Designer with my comprehensive craft kit!

The Artifex Forge is excited to announce the release of this highly original and versatile pack. It contains all of the tools you need to create your own intricate, stitched, fabric collages in Affinity Designer. I've combined seamless bitmap textures and a variety of unusual vector brushes to bring you a kit that not only looks real but is also super-easy to use.

The pack is perfect for so many themes and tasks such as weddings, celebrations, valentines, springtime, baby themed items, badges, logos, greetings cards and much more.

Not an experienced Affinity user? well don't worry, this pack is super-easy to use and I've included a thorough instructional guide complete with screen grabs and helpful tips to help you get the most out of it.

Here's what one happy customer had to say about the pack -

"This is a fabulous set! The details of the fabric and stitching are wonderful. There are so many options with the layer styles, colors, the button and sequin brushes......and it is so easy to use. The options are endless ...I've had so much fun! Thanks for a wonderful set!"

Teresa from Bellinkdesigns

Here's everything that's included in this comprehensive toolkit:

Seamless Fabric Repeat Pattern Styles

11 different textures are supplied, most come in 10 color variations. These bitmap patterns were sourced from the genuine fabrics and retain the incredible detail and life-like qualities of the source material. The textures include wool, leather, felt, hessian, herringbone, plaid and more (see screen-shots for the full list). These patterns have been bundled up with shadow effects and saved as one-click styles - Use them to transform vector shapes and text instantly.

Realistic Stitch Brushes

In 12 varieties. these were sourced from real stitching for an authentic look. I've supplied two versions of each stitch, one that has been optimized to work with dark colors and one with light colors. It's just like drawing with a needle and thread!

Sparkling Sequin Brushes

Add some glitz and glam to your collages! Like all the other material in the pack, these were sourced from the real thing. Recolor them to suit your design.

Posable Ribbon Brushes

Made from real ribbons, they are ideal for creating banners, text or for adding details to your collages (you can see them working to great effect as the snowman's scarf).

Button Brushes

Again, these were sourced from real buttons. The advantage of brushes over vectors is that you can re-color them instantly and easily by just adjusting the stroke color. Further adjustments can be made with adjustment layers.

Example Scene

The rabbit preview image is included. Examine or re-purpose it. All elements are layered so you can use them to make your own creations.


A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then edit the tools is supplied. Please read carefully all the way through as it provides all the information you might need on how to load and use these effects and brushes.

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Stitch Craft - Brushes & Styles.

Format - Afstyles, Afbrushes, Afdesign, PDF
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