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Cute chaotic doodles pop and spark like firecrackers! Time to slow down and give up to the exhilarating exuberance the adorable scribbles carry. So temperamental flashes, comprising crayon strokes from coloring books, pencil scratches left on wallpapers and chalky drawings of disproportioned fellas, showing off on the front porch. Wake up your canvas from dormancy with the bouquet of careless Scribbles Procreate brushes!

Teleport back in childhood, when the time was flying by at the opened drawing album. There you were, all focused and serious about inventing colorful plots & creatures, building the whole hand-drawn worlds for them. It didn’t take much to make a little version of you happy! As you’re adults now and pay respects to convenience in everything, instead of numerous boxes with different kinds of doodling supplies, have them packed in a collection of 21 comics-tinged Procreate brushes! Densely textured, they come in a great flourish of drawing gear: pencils, crayons, liners, markers, ink, charcoal, sponges dipped in paint and more. Get your iPad with these jaunty strokes installed and hit the road to a lovely trip to Imaginationville!

What's inside?
  • 21 Procreate brushes;
  • various stoke textures;
  • pencil, liner, spray, crayon styles;
  • help file.
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Scribbles Procreate Brushes.

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