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Remember these magic multicolor pens every kid was dreaming of? One thick ballpoint buddy could be 8, 10 or even 20-in-one, sparing you from carrying around a collection of hues. Not only pens but markers and crayons were designed according to the same principle, causing children worldwide to make high-pitched squeaks of happiness. The time flies, people grow up, but some life joys stay the same: we bet you'd be excited to have crayons, pencils, chalk, ink, charcoals, liners, and markers packed into one .abr file, coming in Scribbles Photoshop brushes!

How about adding fun vibes to one of your working days without depriving it of professionalism? It might seem like mission impossible, but once you install 21 Photoshop brushes and put the first stroke to the canvas, you’ll instantly get it. Don’t fight the warm nostalgic flows from your careless childhood, leading the creative process and bearing a gazillion of majestic memories, that are about to become a mind fuel. Each and every texture was carefully recreated to never fail even a sloppy hand. Sketch out the ideas, create brilliant illustrations, paint all over the photos, do the lettering bits and never stop exploring the depths of your imagination!

What's inside?
  • 21 Photoshop brushes;
  • various stoke textures;
  • pencil, liner, spray, crayon styles;
  • help file.
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Scribbles Photoshop Brushes.

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