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RM AirBrush™ Pro 2020 - elite brushes for Photoshop CS5+ CC+

and Wacom stylus and interactive displays

Perfect hand-responsible soft digital brushes for professional artists and retouchers for Photoshop CS5+ CC+ These brushes simulating extra-smooth sprayed paint spot, common with used in airbrush and graffiti art, completed with original Smudge brushes for perfect bluring named "PhotoBlur" invented by us! (see preview video to watch it in action)

Easiest airbrush styled Art creation, fastest way of adding big and huge shade by the means of our(c) carefully re-created paint spray spot fade curve shape. Correct Visual balace control at any zoom.

Brilliant choice for any art & design smooth shading your art with your stylus in your Photoshop (or Procreate).

What is inside:
  • *.ABR brush files for different sized and spray type preset
  • *.TPL original "hyper-smooth blending" smudge tool preset named "Photo-blur"
  • *.PSD texture overlay document included, showing how to add ovelay texture to your painting via layer styles
Why I need this pack?

Adding smooth and flexible shade in artwork and photo was always the hardest task. it was always "almost smooth" but "not enough". The best on markets digital art tool was designed by us, and now available for everybody.

Note: This brushes are Textureless for flexibility and universal use, so you could add any texture to simulate any HQ texture iregularity by your own choice. If need some texture Details, Just add a layer with your texture above painting.

Price Issue:

We used just (c)original experience and innovative researches to rich the highest properties of tool, time-saving, result, visual effect, and comfort in use. This price is the only way we would like to share this latest 2020 researched product.

Get it now and you could find new horizons to express all your Creativity in art without obstacles and timw waste you had before.

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RM Airbrush PRO.

Format - TPL, PSD, ABR, JPG
Size - 221.3 Mb
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