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Pure Gold Procreate Brushset gives your art a grand sheen of gilt. These Procreate brushes will give you shine, luminosity, glow and richness the real jewelry. But that's not all! Can you imagine golden tints on wet watercolors? You can do it with this fantastic brush set!

Gold in graphic design able to convey a wide range of meanings and associations. This warm color can be cheerful and optimistic, or more traditionally, associated with opulence and elegance. Depending on the context, it can even convey garishness and materialism.

If you combine it with watercolor, you get a truly modern effect.

And thanks to the possibilities that the brush studio gives us in Procreate 5: I was able to create golden brushes that look good on both dark and light backgrounds!

In Pure Gold Procreate Brushset you wil get:
  • 7 calligraphic and artistic brushes for modern elegant lettering;
  • 7 glow brushes to get light from the dark
  • 3 3D effect brushes for expensive looking effect
  • 4 fill brushes to reach for the stars
  • 11 glitter brushes to shine bright like a diamond
  • 8 texture brushes to make golden patterns on your background
  • special palette: it helps you to choose suitable colors for the Gold
  • 10 watercolor brushes to make your art mode modern and natural
  • 3 paper textures for real paper effect
Tutorial: You'll get two real good tutorials how to use this amazing Brushset!

I am a lettering artist, so I created special calligraphy brushes. They look like real gold ink! With the help of calligraphic brushes you can also create geometric shapes (monoline), spectacular brush strokes (oil and dry brushes) and, of course, beautiful letters. You can use it for large amount of different uses: abstract backgrounds, modern logos, wedding stuff, business card and much more.

I also made special brushes for lettering - glowing (with and without texture) and 3D brushes, the effect of which will amaze you. You can feel the liquid gold or volumetric edges in your letters. This brushes can be used for vintage styled lettering, retro logotypes or tshirt motivating caption.

You can use fill brushes for spraying and additional effects: Plating, Splatter, Glitter. Use a clipping mask or add shining with sparkles and Stardust brushes. It's hard to imagine how many different applications you can find for this effects! All kind of fashion issues, wedding invitations, book illustrations, logo design or social media decoration.

Texture brushes will help you make large areas of gold, as well as make shapes and design elements. You can use pressure to make the shine stronger or lower opacity to sharpen the texture.

When you brush over the same spot again, you get a brighter effect.

Add a small amount of metallic gold palette with Pure Gold Procreate Brushset to a project for a touch of rich. Choose bright gold to catch the eye, and subdued shades to lend richness and warmth. Accent a logo or other design elements with gold-foil embossing. Use gold ribbons or braids on formal invitations, certificates, and diplomas or make a modern abstract painting.

Notice: In the video I have used the full watercolor brush set for -procreate. upon purchase you will receive a version with only 10 brushes to fill the background.

Important: These brushes are for the iOS app Procreate 5 and for use with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (or compatible STYLUS). These brushes DO NOT WORK IN PHOTOSHOP or other applications.

Requirements: Apple iPad with OS 10/11 Apple Pencil or similar stylus Procreate App version 5 (found on the Apple App store) Download: For detailed instructions on how to install brushes in Procreate, please refer to the following links.

Please note, these files are delivered as a .zip.

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Pure Gold Procreate Brushset.

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