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A set of 37 custom brushes I made for Procreate to quickly paint grass, trees, leaves, and other vegetation in my illustrations and plein air paintings. Now revised and expanded for Procreate 5, including Color Dynamics!

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  • MM Thick Grass (Follow) — great for clumps of thick wild grass.
  • MM Flowers (Azimuth) — stylized triangle flowers. Sprinkle these on top of grass in a bright color for flower accents.
  • MM Thin Grass (Azimuth) — Taller, thinner, more impressionistic grass texture.
  • MM Short Grass — this paints stylized dashes of grass across a space. Good for more simplified work, or suggested sporadic highlights within an area of grass.
  • MM Desert Brush (Azimuth) — stylized clumps of rabbitbrush.
  • MM Triangle Fan — this can be used in a tight circle for some interesting radial shapes, or painted straight across for stark, triangular grass. Also creates interesting results as a smudge tool!
  • MM Texture Grass — A more chaotic, textured version of the triangle fan. This is great for creating rough textures, and particularly for indicating more detailed grassy areas.
  • MM Tall Grass — Tall Timothy grass blowing in the wind.
  • MM Tall Thing — For any sort of extra tall stalk things that appear in fields, near water etc.
  • MM Petal Flowers — Scatter flowers with petals.
  • MM Shrub (Radial) — spin this around in a tight counter-clockwise circle to paint bushes.
  • MM Chain Leaves (Follow) — symmetric geometric leaves and stem that will follow your stroke.
  • MM Chain Leaves II (Follow) — same as above, but rounder & more compact leaves.
  • MM Chain Y Plant (Follow) — for dead plants and vine-y, crawler-y things.
  • MM Yucca (Radial) — Spin counter-clockwise to paint Yucca plants and Joshua tree tops.
  • MM Chain Vines (Follow) — leafy vines that follow your brushstroke.
  • MM Chain Leaves II (Follow) — vines with larger leaves that follow your brushstroke.
  • MM Sagebrush Stalk (Follow) — Paint these from the bottom-up, Paint several in a cluster angled out some to create a bush.
  • MM Chain Fern (Follow) — Fern fronds. Paint these starting from the tip of the frond.
  • MM Chain Fern II (Follow) — Thinner fern fronds. Paint these starting from the tip of the frond.
  • MM Pines II — Scatter triangular pine-tree shapes. Pressure determines height (Harder = taller).
  • MM Tree Tops — For when you need to paint just the tops of bushes, or distant deciduous trees (for example light hitting the tops.) Pressure determines roundness (Harder = rounder.)
  • MM Pine Tree (Follow) — Creates a pine tree. Paint from the top of the tree downwards.
  • MM Pine Tree II (Follow) — Creates a pine tree. Paint from the top of the tree downwards.
  • MM Pine Tree III (Follow) — Creates a pine tree. Paint from the top of the tree downwards.
  • MM Scatter Branches — A scattering of thin branch shapes. Useful for areas of underbrush or abstracted tree branch areas.
  • MM Scatter Branches II (Azimuth) — A less abstract scattering of thin branch shapes. Use direction of stylus to control direction of branch growth.
  • MM Pines — The obligatory triangular pine tree brush.
  • MM Pines Fade — Sometimes it's more interesting to paint these with a fade, it can quickly indicate atmosphere if there's a brighter color underneath. Or shadow, if darker underneath.
  • MM Sticks — Good for any vertical stick pattern, but I most often use this in conjunction with MM Pines to indicate distant dead trees.
  • MM Abstract Foliage — A texture that can quickly indicate leaves and vegetation.
  • MM Scatter — apply chaotic shapes, or rough-up edges with the Smudge tool.
  • MM Tris — an abstract, triangular scatter brush. Great for energetic polygonal notes.
  • MM Circle Scatter — Scatter circles, good for distant bushes or deciduous trees.
  • MM Dead Leaves — drooping hanging dead leaves.
  • MM Scatter Leaves — Triangular leaves in a scatter pattern.
  • MM Scatter Leaves II — More varied / broken-up triangular leaves in a scatter pattern.
  • MM Semi-Scatter Leaves (Follow) — Geometric leaves that sort of follow a path, good for painting less arbitrary tree leaves.
  • MM Small Leaves — Small oval leaves, good for quick ground-cover (like autumn fallen leaves) and for painting tree leaves within a lasso selection.
  • MM Chain Dots — for various plants that reduce to a cluster-of-dots read. Anything kind of bulbous-ey really.

Note: I've designed these brushes for working on the iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil (or comparable pressure-sensitive stylus). They haven't been tested for non-pressure-sensitive work, or for working on a smaller iPhone screen.

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Plant Brushes - 37 Custom Brushes for Procreate 5.

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