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Create wondrous illustrations on your iPad with this toolbox!

Say hello to these resources inspired by the whimsical wonders of children's picturebooks. Made from real life materials with great care and love, these brushes, papers and colors are carefully selected to meet the needs of any aspiring illustrator out there who seeks to add magic to their portfolio.

In this toolbox you'll find:

18 picturebook inspired brushes
  • 9 pencils (also can be used for lettering)
  • 9 pastels + crayons (also can be used for shading)
5 extra accent brushes for shading and fluff!
  • including my super secret scribbler brush to add glowy effect to any drawing
3 paper overlays to add extra texture to your drawings
  • can be modified according to your liking
  • in 2 sizes: for iPad pros and smaller iPads
  • change the background color to enhance the gorgeous textures of the paper
5 color picture book inspired color palettes
  • to quickly start creating, from vibrant color choices to muted tones
3 extra usage tips:
  • tilt your pencil to see the rich shading effects of the pencils!
  • select a layer, go to bloom to add glow to your magical drawings!
  • use scribble scratches to emphasize glow on your work!
Note: These brushes are made and tested in Procreate 5 with Apple stylus, will only work in Procreate, not in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. The papers are PSD format which works both in Procreate and the above mentioned Adobe programs.

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Magical Storybook Toolbox for Procreate.

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