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These aren't your standard point-and-click 'stamp' style brushes. Designed to behave like the digital paint brushes you are used to, Beat Tones brushes are 100% seamless and can be painted-in just like a digital acrylic, gouache or oil brush with complete control over stroke weight and colour.

Whether adding gradated halftone shading to your work or continuous tones, The Beat Tones Brush Set has you covered with a huge variety of halftone dot and line patterns made from authentic source materials in multiple screen angles.

Carefully crafted using real distressed paper, Ink and card stock, The set includes:
  • 200 Halftone Dot, Line and Cross Hatch Brushes for adding continuous halftones to your work
  • 24 Halftone Shader brushes for creating real gradated halftone shading in a heartbeat.
  • 1 x comprehensive, easy to follow installation guide.
  • 2 x printable cheat-sheet booklets previewing each and every brush.
  • 2 x tutorial video's to help you get the most out of your brushes.

Key features include:
  • A huge variety of textures, shapes, sizes, shades and screen angles
  • Large repeat patterns with no obvious seams
  • Each brush is clearly named and tonally grouped, allowing for fast selection of the right tone for the job, from light to dark, subtle to bold.
  • Perfect alignment of textures within each brush group allows you to layer different halftone shades.
  • Precision brush tips allow you to fill tight areas with complete control over stroke weight.
  • Shader brushes respond to increased pressure and repeat brushing to create gradated halftone shading with no post-processing to slow you down.
  • Complete control over colour selection. Just set your foreground colour and you're killing it.
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Beat Tones Halftone Brushes.

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