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Basic Pencil Photoshop Brushes

Basic Pencil Photoshop Brushes

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Don't skip on the fascinating process of pencil sketching for one of the future illustrations! It's not a mere outlined predecessor of your upcoming imagery: this initial step lays the basis for what comes next. Who knows where this one leads? Maybe you'll only get the imagination going to enhance aesthetics? But what if the already created version turns out to be brilliant? You never know until you try, here are the pencils to ignite this adventure!

The collection is rich with pencil brush options corresponding to a multitude of purposes: hatching, shading, smudging, writing, outlining and more, a total of 25 Photoshop brushes. All the strokes come out realistic, accurately imitating the actual real-life doodling, including smudging! To access this feature, open the set of 4 Smudge Tool brushes to see what they can do with the sharp lines. What sketching can do without paper? Find your digital album of 8 paper textures already included in this package. Embark on a new mesmerizing project being sure about the sparkling and neat result!

What's inside?
  • 25 Photoshop brushes;
  • soft, hard, hatching & elegant styles;
  • smudge pencil brushes inside;
  • 8 paper textures;
  • help file.
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Basic Pencil Photoshop Brushes.

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