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Elevate and showcase your incredible work with easy to use mockups and authentic textures.

This pack is full of real authentic paper textures and mockups that I have personally sourced and prepared for you, making it super simple to add texture and personality to your artwork and present it in a beautiful artistic way.

Whether you are a traditional artist, digital artist, designer or photographer, you’ll love this pack and find it so simple to elevate your work and give it an extra painting flare. These easy to use mockups are made for Photoshop, Procreate, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. There are even PNGs available with transparent backgrounds if your not comfortable using mockups of your software program doesn’t support these files.

This pack has multiple uses: you can just use it as a simple mock up, you can add watercolor effects to your artwork and use the paper textures to add a finishing touch to your project. There are so many options!

Every element is editable and easy to customize to create your desired look. Included as well is the texture pack full of real paper seamless textures to add depth and dimention to your creative projects. And a bonus sparkle pack! How doesn’t love a little bling?!

This Watercolor Paper Mockup Creator and Texture Pack will transform your work with only a few clicks amazing you, your customers and clients just how beautiful your work is. Enjoy!

160 items included:
  • 20 Watercolor Paper Mockups PSDs
  • 20 Simple Paper Mockups PSDs
  • 20 Watercolor Paper Mockups .procreate
  • 20 Watercolor Paper Mockups .afdesign
  • 20 Watercolor Paper Mockups PNGs
  • 24 Real Paper Textures A4 JPGs
  • 24 Real Paper Textures Seamless Tiles JPGs
  • BONUS 12 Sparkle Textures A4 JPGs
  • BONUS 12 Sparkle Textures Seamless Tiles JPGs
  • Link to Video Instructions

The Nuts and Bolts All files are PNG’s with transparent backgrounds and 300 dpi. PNG files will open in Photoshop, Procreate, Affinity, GIMP and any other graphic editor that imports PNG’s.

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Watercolor Paper Mockup/Texture Pack.

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