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A Complete Procreate toolkit for traditional flash painting.

The Spitshade Set contains a variety of natural media brushes for Procreate, meticulously created, tested, and refined, and when combined with our hand-stained watercolor digital paper files, allow you realistically replicate traditional tattoo-style “spitshading.”

We are not sure exactly where the term “Spitshading” originated, but the technique of applying paint with one brush then blending with a second brush soaked in spit (or more commonly now, water) has been a mainstay of traditional tattoo flash design since the early days. Like traditional tattooing, the spit shade technique begins with a black outline using dip pens and permanent markers, followed by black shading using short blends, and finally a simple application of color. Over the years, a clear preference for specialized watercolor paper, such as those made by Arches, has emerged, with a tea or coffee stain treatment sometimes applied before painting.

The Spitshade Set is the ultimate toolkit for digital watercolor, both in allowing you to replicate your own spitshade technique and in the aesthetic of the final painting. The watercolor papers in this set, offered in the two most common sizes for flash painting and fully functional on any iPad model, feature texture and staining application that could only be created in an analog format. In developing these digital files, Russ hand stained each paper then used advanced photography to create consistent lighting and texture for the entire canvas. The tea stain and coffee stains, along with the plain texture paper, give you options to try different intensities and patterns to suit your final design.

The brushes in the Spitshade Set were created with the same intense care and scrutiny as the paper texture canvases. By employing the newest settings available in the recent update of Procreate, Russ was able to develop a set of extremely flexible brushes that utilize the full extent of the brush engines in your favorite design software. Each of the brushes can be used in multiple ways as you experiment with the opacity, pressure, and angle of your Apple Pencil to fully realize the potential for expressive mark making in these brushes. These brushes enable you to recreate your spitshading workflow, design style, and final product, regardless of your analog technique.

Magic Spitshader - A happy discovery during the creation of The Spitshade Set, this brush provides a single, versatile tool for applying AND blending black and colors with that authentic “spitshade” edge quality. For a subtle, smoother variation, try “Spittin' Image.”

Russ’ goal was to create a set of digital tools that let you adapt the versatility and newest functionality of digital design to create a traditional watercolor tattoo aesthetic. Get The Spitshade Set today and create incredible tattoo paintings with all of the possibilities this set has to offer!

What's inside:

20 Watercolor paper files fully set up with specialty texture layers

Sizes 8X10 and 14X11, Print Resolution (300dpi)
  • Plain texture paper
  • 6 Tea stained paper
  • 3 Coffee stained paper
28 Brushes:
  • Sketch pencil
  • 6 Round nib dip pens, from extra small to extra large, including one that can be used at any size
  • 3 "Shahpee" permanent markers, from brand new to dried
  • 7 Paint application brushes
  • Russ Abbott’s Magic Spitshader and Spittin’ Image all-in-one brushes
  • 4 Ink Wash brushes, from extra light to dark
  • 4 Blending brushes with different textures
60-color Procreate swatch palette

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The Spitshade Set for Procreate.

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