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Lane's Pastel Pro Pack is a collection of finely tuned brushes for Procreate.

Pastels represent the often-overlooked middle ground between drawing and painting. With digital art the boundaries are blurry and we often need brushes that can do it all.

I’ve designed these brushes with a clear objective in mind: to combine the pleasing grain of dry media and the fluid blending qualities of paint. Just like with the Charcoal Master Pack, I’ve geared this new set to fulfill my own personal wishlist, and I’m excited to share them with you!

As with traditional tools, my ideal digital brush can create a wide range of effects and edge qualities depending on how I hold the stylus.

Utilizing every feature the new Procreate 5x brush engine has to offer, I’ve designed each of these new brushes to produce a range of characteristics depending on whether you draw with the tip of the Apple Pencil or the edge. Among my favorites in the pack are the three Particle/Edge Pro brushes, which can create both airbrush-style gradients and razor-sharp edges. Many more of the brushes can be used to create both soft and hard edges, broad, narrow, bold or sparse strokes— this allows for more efficient and enjoyable painting!

You Get:
  • 48 Brushes and Tools for Procreate 5+
  • 35 Natural Paper Textures to Draw On
  • Eye Demo Video with Voice-over!
  • Extra Time-lapse videos and high-resolution images
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The Pastel Pro Pack: Procreate Brush Set.

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