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Procreate Paper Texture Canvases

Procreate Paper Texture Canvases

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Enhance your Procreate paintings in no time! Add very realistic paper texture to your digital artworks or prints.

Each of these 17 high quality paper textures was sourced from real materials and professionally edited to give you the most realistic results in Procreate possible.

They're super easy to use. Just open a document and start painting in "Paint here" layer (or paste your existing artwork there). The Canvas does the rest! You can refine your result by changing the opacity of texture and highlights layers. It's completely customisable!

You can also turn off/on the paper texture around your artwork. This is especially handy if you want to create a picture with transparent background but still want that paper texture look.

Resolution is 5464 px x 4096 px (that's twice the 12.9" iPad size) at 300DPI - perfect even for high quality print.
  • 17 unique paper/canvas styles
  • high resolution, premium quality
  • very easy to use
  • customisable
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Procreate Paper Texture Canvases.

Procreate | 5464 px x 4096 px | 3.1 Gb
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