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A Library of 21 Seamless High-Resolution Paper Textures That Simulate the Look of Real Ink.

Phantom Paper is a diverse library of 21 high-definition, truly seamless paper textures that work like magic. Easily make your work look like it's printed, painted, or drawn on real paper.

What makes Phantom Paper different than other products?
  • An exclusive library, not a huge download. Download only what you need and save time and space or download everything with one click — you choose!
  • Truly seamless. High-resolution paper textures (300 DPI) with well-hidden seams so your textures work on any size project.
  • Easy to adjust. Textures include a base layer and a highlight. This creates the illusion of true depth and paper grain texture.
  • Massive variety. No repeats or useless paper textures. Here are the diverse paper textures we've included: butcher paper, classic comic, cold press, construction paper, eggshell, gouache paper, hot press, kraftboard, laid paper, mummy paper, newsprint, onionskin paper, paper bag, Pea-Chee folder, rag paper, rice paper, seed notebook, speckled kraft paper, trade rag, and uncoated matchbook.
  • Distressing PNGs. Add authentic touches with drag-and-drop PNGs that blend perfectly, including creases, oxidation, creases, water stains, and more.
Each paper texture has its own unique qualities, making it flexible whether you need to add a touch of analog goodness or rich depth and texture. Our two-layer system gives you fine-grain control over the intensity and shadow of the paper.

Plus, you can easily resize textures to any size, adjust blending modes, and convert to greyscale for your own unique look and feel.

Compatible with Procreate.

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Phantom Paper for Procreate.

Procreate, PNG, PDF | 2800 px x 2800 px | 1.23 Gb
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