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Miss Mystique - A mysterious new Stamp Set for Procreate. Other graphic files are included too, if you don’t have Procreate.

Create amazing and mystic illustrations, patterns and more with this 140 stamps! Everything mystic and witchcraft is a big thing right now and not just for halloween. Create your own magical artworks without looking for reference photos. Just install the brushset in Procreate (or use the other files, if you don’t have Procreate) and tap to stamp on your canvas. You can also use the stamps for your Bullet Journals, make cute stickers, pimp up your photos, use them for scrapbooking or to make easy layouts for your artworks. It's so easy and so much fun! Just stamp some motifs, make awesome compositions and be creative!

Included in this set:
  • 1 x Procreate stamp brushes set, containing 140 elements (138 stamps + 2 brushes)
  • 138 elements in PNG format with transparent background. Can be used with most photo editing software
  • 138 elements in JPG format with white background. Can be used with most photo editing software
The brushes and the other graphic files are ~ 4000 x 4000 pixels size.

Please note: The brushset works in Procreate on the iPad only! It doesn't work in photoshop or any other software. BUT if you don't have Procreate, you can use the included jpg or png files to make magic artworks.
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Miss Mystique - Procreate Brushset.

Brushset, PNG, JPG | 144.2 Mb
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