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50 Modern And Classy Serif Font Bundle.

Based on our experience as a graphic designer who works for a lot of companies, we often are requested to design a logo in a unique style but with a Classy feels. So, we try to brainstorming and create some of unique font to make the idea is going out with ready to use easily. This is perfect for BRANDING and LOGO DESIGN. You will get unique, classy, elegant, and certainly beauty to make your branding or design projects more standout with this font.

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Bergante Classy Serif Font
Hochagi Classy Serif Font
Gisrida Modern Serif Font
Megistica Modern Serif Font
Bulgeria Classy Serif Font
Magofah Modern Serif Font
Hagona Classy Serif Font
Lebagof Modern Serif Font
Kolgimba Modern Serif Font
Rebori Modern Serif Font
KAKURO Classy Serif Font
Elinga Classy Serif Font
Narifah Modern Serif Font
MELISA Modern Serif Font
CHELON Classy Serif Font
Kivaera Modern Serif Font
Qandile Modern Serif Font
Raliha Classy Serif Font
Begika Modern and Classy Serif Font
Devitta Classy Bold Serif Font
Fogsta Stylish Serif Font
Avigea Modern Serif Font Display
Magkon Classy Serif Font
Belianty Elesha Modern Serif Font
Richardo Flacky Premium Font
Abigate Desgo Stylish Serif Font
Castle Begale Luxury Serif Font
Magistral Honesty Modern Serif Font
Glamour Karlina Luxury Serif Font
BROW VOLKY Stylish Serif Font
Deraga Modern & Stylish Font
Branding Aliskaje Modern Serif Font
Masvis Minimalist Serif Font
Aftesto Unique Serif Font
Ragasta Modern Serif Font
Alika Minimalist Serif Font
Meliska Beautiful Serif Font
Safira Elegant Serif Font
Akila Modern Display Font
Bontias Elegant Serif Font
Qelista Unique Serif Font
Wakile Stylish Serif Font
Berossla Modern Serif Font
Gabriela Spark Luxury Serif Font
Kegisiko Stylish Sans Serif Font
Bolinger Classic Serif Font
Agata Modern Display Font
Histeria Modern Serif Font
Porto Qastelo Modern Font

  • Uppercase and Lowercase
  • Numerals
  • Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
  • Accents (Multilingual Characters)
  • Ligatures and Alternative Style Stylistic Set
  • Works on PC and Mac
  • Simple installations
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Mega Bundle 50 Modern Font.

Format: TTF, OTF
Size: 13.2 Mb
First release
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