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This brush set includes 70 holographic brushes and 3 colour palettes for Procreate. These unique holographic brushes allow you to create bright, stylish designs that will stand out. They are perfect for creating backgrounds as well as adding some extra glitter, shine or a metallic effect to complement any project. This brush set is very easy to use and creates fast holographic designs.

Have a look at this video or the photo gallery to see all the brushes:
  • Holographic Texture: These 10 brushes quickly create fun holographic textures. They are perfect for creating backgrounds.
  • Holographic Glitter: These 10 brushes give a glitter effect to your illustrations. The difference between them resides in the edges, size of the glitter, and texture...
  • Holographic Abstract: These 10 brushes have a luminescent effect. They also have rough edges giving a grungier look to your holographic designs.
  • Holographic Shine: As well as adding subtle luminescent effects or brilliant shine to your designs, these brushes have a paint-like texture.
  • Holographic Wet: These 10 brushes are perfect to cover big surfaces in a subtle way since they are more transparent and broader (and more fluid!)
  • Holographic Crystal: These brushes are geometrical and very angular which gives the impression you are adding crystals to your illustration.
  • Holographic Lettering: These 10 brushes are great for creating lettering designs and for drawing more detailed elements in your designs.
What you need:
  • Procreate app (updated)
  • iPad
  • Apple pencil (suggested)
  • A creative mind

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Holographic Brushes for Procreate.

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