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Brushes made from real hand-painted gouache brush strokes and textures for an authentic traditional feel. A wide variety of foliage, plant and leaf brushes brushes makes this a great set for landscape and environment painting! These brushes can be used for a range of painting styles from more traditional plein air style to animated background painting like you would see in anime or Ghibli movies.

Included in this set:
  • 203 Hand-painted Brushes for Photoshop and Procreate
.ABR file for Photoshop
.BRUSHSET files for Procreate (brushes individually optimized in Procreate 5)

  • 2Hr 20Min voiceover video demo in Photoshop (Artwork on cover image)
Sketch file to paint along with Demo Video

  • Pattern/Texture Overlay Files: Use these files to create a real traditional look to your painting
  • Hi-Res .JPG full page texture overlays for your painting (2 gouache, 1 watercolor paper)
  • .PAT file for Photoshop seamless repeating texture overlays (2 gouache, 1 watercolor paper)
  • 4 Hi-Res Artwork Files
Hi-Res .jpg file of artwork created in PS tutorial video (Garden Urn Painting)
Hi-Res .jpg file Fruit Still Life painting created with gouache brushes
Hi-Res .jpg file Willow Path painting created with gouache brushes
Hi-Res .jpg file cloud example painting created with gouache brushes

In this pack you will find 203 gouache brushes organized into the following categories:

  • 35 Basic Painting Brushes
  • 12 Cloud and Wet Textures Brushes
  • 27 Organic Strokes Brushes
  • 13 Large Texture Painter Brushes
  • 49 Leaves and Plants Brushes
  • 22 Grassy Painter Brushes
  • 14 Flower Painter Brushes
  • 31 Plant and Flower Stamp brushes
Brushes may be used for personal and commercial use.

Procreate doesn’t currently allow separate folders within one brush set file, so I have exported each of the 8 main brush categories as its own set so they are categorized in Procreate when you import them. You will have the option to download each of these sets individually or you can choose to download the zip file containing all 8 sets.

*Note: These brushes were individually optimized in Procreate to match the Photoshop version as closely as possible. However, due to differences in the program's brush engine, some of the brushes may be slightly different.

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Hand-Painted Gouache Brushes for Photoshop and Procreate.

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