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Create gorgeous gouache paintings with the Effortless Gouache Brush Collection for Procreate.

A professional collection of realistic gouache brushes designed to help you create Effortless Gouache art anywhere!

No mess, no clean-up. Just pop open your iPad and start painting.

This carefully developed collection includes smooth and textured brushes with various brush shapes and opacities. Perfect for contemporary and traditional gouache paintings.

I’ve made sure to include various line-work brushes, an important addition for details and accents.

Extensively Tested

The collection was developed by implementing feedback from users like you! I asked a group of beginner and professional artists to test, and re-test the brushes so I could create a realistic brush collection you’ll love using.

Because every artist is different I’ve designed two canvases with both smooth and textured finishes made to enhance your gouache paintings. And if you’re familiar with my pre-made canvases, they’re made with the same love and care.

Learn to Paint a Beautiful Art Print

Feeling a little intimidated by gouache? Have no fear!

You’ll receive a bonus Procreate document that will help you paint a beautiful botanical bird art print! The step-by-step layered document is easy to use plus you can watch the video tutorial to guide you. It’s a perfect introduction to gouache painting plus you’ll have a beautiful print to show off to friends and family.

Here's all the goodies you'll get:
  • 15 x Gouache Brushes including smooth, textured and line-work brushes
  • 6 x Gouache Brush Stamps
  • 2 x Ready-to-draw Procreate canvases available in 3 sizes: Standard 2800 X 3554 pixels, Large 3900 X 4950 pixels, Extra Large 4950 X 7000 pixels
  • 4 x Procreate colour palettes
  • Bonus! Learn-to-paint a botanical art print Procreate document - video tutorial to guide you
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Gouache Brushes for Procreate.

Brushset, Procreate, Swatches, JPG, PDF | 608 Mb
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