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Font - TT Ricordi Marmo

Font - TT Ricordi Marmo

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TT Ricordi Marmo extends the series of experimental projects within the TT Ricordi fonts collection. The main goal of the TT Ricordi project is to look for gems in old signs and on stone and bringing those inscriptions back to life in the form of contemporary fonts with the umbrella name TT Ricordi.

TT Ricordi Marmo is an original experimental project by Eugene Tantsurin inspired by inscriptions at Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence. Working on it, we wanted to create a contemporary typeface that would unite the elements of a Florentine sans-serif mixed with more traditional visual solutions typical for the period's serifs. As a result, we got a bright and somewhat provocative typeface with irregular serif distribution, some unusual contours and a free spirit.

In small body size TT Ricordi Marmo makes a neutral impression, but as the size gets bigger, the user is taken on a playful quest to search for interesting moves, graphic peculiarities and unusual solutions. TT Ricordi Marmo is great for poster design, packaging, and setting large and medium-sized inscriptions. Thanks to its idiosyncrasy, the typeface may look nice both at a poster in a grand academic theater and at an acid rave party.

You can find a set of icon patterns that can be used in several ways. First, you can substitute letters with these patterns, thus getting an inscription with a visible graphic element. Then you can also construct borders and interval marks, or just use them as icons. All patterns are perfectly adapted to the design of letters in the font.

TT Ricordi Marmo consists of 2 styles and one variable font. Each of the styles contains over 630 glyphs and 18 OpenType features. As we have conceived TT Ricordi Marmo as a poster typeface from the very beginning, it features small capitals instead of lowercase characters. In addition, the typeface has a set of interesting ligatures, stylistic alternates, pointers, hands, and pattern icons.

TT Ricordi Marmo OpenType features list: AALT, CCMP, LOCL, NUMR, ORDN, TNUM, PNUM, CASE, SS01 (Alternative latin E), SS02 (Alternative Eszett), SS03 (Alternative Cyrillic I), SS04 ( Alternative Amper- sand), SS05 (Romanian Comma Accent), SS06 (Dutch IJ), SS07 (Catalan Ldot), DLIG, CALT, SALT.

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Font - TT Ricordi Marmo.

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