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Font - TT Rationalist

Font - TT Rationalist

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We thought, "What if we provide the user with a collection of matching fonts, each of which would still be unique?"—and so we started developing TT Rationalist.

For those familiar with the bestsellers TT Norms® Pro and TT Commons Pro, the new font will be intuitive to use. It has similar proportions, characteristics and functionality, but yet it is an independent and original font family.

Unlike the geometric sans serifs TT Norms® Pro and TT Commons Pro, TT Rationalist is a slab serif typeface. It is functional and original. Slabs are characterized by massive rectangular serifs, but in TT Rationalist they are trapezoidal and refined, which makes them look modern.

Speaking of modernity, when creating the typeface, we wanted to avoid the excessive historicism that can be seen in many slab serif fonts. We have been particularly careful working on the Black style, which in the first sketches had something in common with the Wild West posters. When we balanced out the excessive contrast caused by visual compensation, the font stopped evoking retro associations. Now TT Rationalist Black is perfect for headlines, especially on posters and posters, and works great with Light styles in TT Norms® Pro and TT Commons Pro.

The new typeface works well for both headings and text arrays. It looks especially aesthetically pleasing in printed production (books, magazines, brochures).

The TT Rationalist typeface consists of 22 two styles: 10 upright, 10 real Italics and two variable fonts, each with over 950 glyphs. It supports over 200 languages and contains 27 OpenType features. In addition to the standard ones, there are Small Capitals for Latin and Cyrillic languages, alternative versions of the ampersand and the letter g. The italics have two stylistic sets allowing to switch the design of style-forming characters (k, v, w, y, z) between italic and classical forms.

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