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Font - BD Megatoya

Font - BD Megatoya

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About BD Megatoya

Taking a geometric sans serif approach, we designed the letterform with details on round characters to pursue harmony and leave a slightly boxy feel to the extended style. The stylistic alternate is one of our concentrations to make them versatile yet still preserve consistency in stem and metrics to provide good readability in small text. Overall, the various treatments for each character will encourage each other to dynamic colours, flexible, and functional impressions in their application.

Slicing edges

The edge of the letter slice in 45 degrees will give the impression of a sparkle of light when you look at them for the first 2 seconds (our experience). This is what we did a few years ago when working on automotive branding. The word-mark logotype with slicing form gives an exclusive and different impression from its crowds. If you agree with us, does BD Megatoya deserve to be called a problem solver in branding projects? Jump over to .ss07, .ss08, .ss09, and .ss10 to find them!

The Features

BD Megatoya font family includes 41 great fonts in nine weights, an extended character set of over 1400 glyphs, multilingual support such as Southeastern Europe, Central Europe, Western Europe. Also advanced & useful open-type features: case-sensitive forms, small caps, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic alternates, ordinals, fractions, numerator, denominator, superscript, subscript, circled number, slashed zero, old-style figure, tabular and lining figure.

Use BD Megatoya

BD Megatoya is very suitable for branding projects and many designs purpose like advertising, posters, invitations, branding, logos, magazines, merchandise, presentations, etc.

Overview of BD Megatoya
  • Consists of 41 fonts, including nine upright, nine italics, nine extended, nine extended italics, all in nine weights from thin to black.
  • 4 outline version in black weight.
  • 1 variable with three axes (weight, width, slant).
  • 1,470 glyphs in each font.
  • Opentype features include small caps, stylistic alternates, ligatures, complete numeral figures, ordinal, case-sensitive forms.
  • language support: Western European, Central European, and Southeastern European.
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Font - BD Megatoya.

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