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Font - Aldero

Font - Aldero

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Aldero™ strives to be as useful to any design environment as Alder trees are to the forest. Wildlife and insects feed on Alder leaves and seeds. The tree also provides shelter for animals in winter while its shades keep streams from getting too hot in summer. The trunks and branches are excellent habitats for lichens and mosses. The nitrogen-rich leaves help fertilize the soil where they landed. Alder’s utilitarian nature inspires us to create Aldero™, a handy, versatile, go-to type family for all professional designers.

To achieve what we set out to do, we gave Aldero™ the two-in-one looks, doubled the sets of ligatures, and loaded it with plenty more of Opentype features. We put in long hours, months after months, until we are proud of the outcome. And we truly believe that you will enjoy working with this typeface as much as we do.

With five weights, ten styles, and 1,100+ glyphs per style, this versatile typeface comes with virtually two looks. The standard glyph set is perfect for formal, corporate design, while the stylistic alternate set elicits a fun, friendly, and casual feel. You can use each style separately or mix and match them to achieve your design aesthetic. Thanks to these options, a wide range of design possibilities are at your fingertips.

In addition to the two large sets of ligatures (for both the standard and the stylistic glyph sets), we also pack tons of Opentype features into Aldero™ to improve your user experience while working with this typeface. To activate the case-sensitive features, for example, highlight the phrase with the type tool, then hit the “All Caps” button; or select each mark, punctuations, or symbols with the type tool, then choose the case-sensitive option from the Opentype popup window. Hope you enjoy working with Aldero™ as much as we do!

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Font - Aldero.

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