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Procreate Calligraphy Flourishing Made Easy After spending years studying calligraphy and teaching hundreds of students, we’ve noticed that the two biggest struggles when it comes to flourishing are: 1) Shape and 2) Placement. We designed this toolkit to help you overcome both so you can create beautiful flourished lettering in Procreate and let your inspiration flow!

The set includes 63 Flourish Stamp Procreate Brushes that solve the question of “what should my flourishes look like?”. All you need to do is choose a flourish from one of the brush sets, stamp it on the canvas, move it to match your letters, and trace it on a new layer. Here are the premade flourishes you’ll get:
  • 6 Entrance Flourishes for the beginning of a word or line -12 Exit Flourishes used at the end of a line of words
  • 10 Ascender Flourishes to decorate letters that have upper loops
  • 12 Descender Flourishes to embellish letters that have lower loops
  • 8 T-Crossbar Flourishes to cross lowercase ‘t’s or ‘t+h’s
  • 8 Below Baseline Flourishes to extend certain letters below the baseline
  • 7 Decorative Flourishes that can be used under or around your piece
  • Plus 5 bonus Lettering Brushes including three quote stamps; Loveleigh Brush (a pressure-sensitive brush that behaves like a flexible brush pen when used with an Apple Pencil), and Monoline brush (included for mono-weight lettering or erasing). You also get our lettering guidelines that will give your letters the perfect baseline and slant, in three sizes: Small, medium and large. Just import the .png file into Procreate and use it as your guide.
The stamp brushes guide your hand so you know exactly what shape to create based on authentic calligraphy flourishes. But you may still be wondering where to place them. Which letters work best? Where exactly on the letter do they go? How big should they be?

We’ve anticipated your questions and created an in-depth user guide that includes:
  • A video tutorial guiding you through an example
  • Advice and examples about resizing, placement, balance, and more
  • How to choose which flourish to use based on the context of your word or quote
  • Flourish Reference Guide: A summary of each brush set so you can visualize all of the flourishes on a single page, plus suggestions and examples of which letters to use
  • Alphabet Reference Chart: If you’re stuck deciding how to flourish a particular letter, this chart suggests flourishes you can use for each letter of the alphabet
Our easy-to-use Flourish Stamps for Procreate were designed to help you achieve beautiful flourishing in a fraction of the time. You don’t have to second-guess yourself or spend hours working on a layout that just doesn’t look right.

Whether you’re brand new to flourishing and you’re stuck (or even too scared to start!), or you’re looking for more inspiration and a time-saving solution, these stamps will help you transform your letters while gaining confidence in a relaxing and marketable new skill.

Please note: This product requires an iPad and the Procreate App.

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Flourish Stamps For Procreate.

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