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Dreamer Artist Kit

Dreamer Artist Kit

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Introducing the Dreamer Artist Kit ). Brand new set with gorgeus brushes, stamps, pattern brushes and extra canvas templates.

This set includes everything what you need for drawings with textured touch! You will have very realistic effect with brushes for drawing, stamps & semlaess patterns and more. All brushes match great together and will give you many opportunities to create something awesome ) In this set you will find brushes like pencils, ink pens, specks, dust, dots, brushes for shading, to add texture and more!

Zip-file contains: (Note: Unzip file before upload brushes to Procreate)
  • 36 individual Procreate brushes for drawing, shading and texturing
  • 20 individual Procreate hand painted pattern brushes
  • 12 individual Procreate hand painted stamp brushes
  • 4 layered Procreate files - 2 types saved as 3000x3000px & 3600x4800px, 300 dpi
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Dreamer Artist Kit.

Brushset, Procreate | 721.9 Mb
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