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BUNDLE. Brushes for Procreate

BUNDLE. Brushes for Procreate

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If you love textures as much as I do, then you definitely need this bundle. I created all the sets initially for myself in order to make my drawing process more convenient and efficient. Standard brushes did not solve the problems I needed, and I slowly began to create what I needed. Inside these kits, there is everything you need to work. All my illustrations presented in the preview are drawn only using brushes from these sets. From sketch to final result. This very generous offer will save you not only money but also valuable time finding the brush you need. All the best in one bundle with 50% discount!

The bundle includes:
  • Vintage Texture Brush Set. 14 Brushes. 1 Palette.
  • Texture Brushes. 12 Brushes.
  • Hatching Brushes. 14 Brushes.
  • Handmade Pattern Brushes. 24 Brushes.
  • Grunge Brush Set. 14 Brushes. 3 Palettes.
  • Kitchen Stamp Brushes. 51 Stamps.
  • All kits only work with Procreate
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BUNDLE. Brushes for Procreate.

Brushset, Swatches | 216 Mb
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