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Choosing the right brush is crucial when you want your artwork to be more realistic, refined, and textured in color. This set of 5 brushes caters to the different needs of artists:
  • Atomoon Line: Delicate and soft, perfect for drawing details and contours, making your work more realistic and vivid. Suitable for sketching, line structures, comic lines, and ink wash styles.
  • Atomoon Basic: Suitable for various styles of basic coloring, from 2D drawings to realistic paintings, it has great performance and is suitable for all friends who love painting. The brush settings have been extensively tested to enable more natural coloring techniques.
  • Atomoon Inpasto: Rough, rich strokes, suitable for creating textured images and expressing rich textures and colors. From charcoal to pastel, oil paint to oil painting, it has a surprising performance.
  • Atomoon Water: Soft brush and water ratio, can fully create a flowing, natural effect, and can better show the unique qualities of watercolor.
  • Atomoon Smear: Smooth, soft brush, suitable for brushing, blurring, or blending colors, making the picture more soft and layered.
Painting is not just an art, it is also a way of life. Our brush set will help you discover the charm of art, allowing you to immerse yourself and focus on your creations. Each brush has been carefully selected, enabling you to better express your ideas and creativity.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, our brush set is an indispensable tool that will make your paintings more perfect and refined. Let's start a wonderful journey of art together!

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Atomoon Procreate Brushes.

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