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Foliage & Grass is 60 brushes with settings for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Fresco in ABR and TPL formats.

Dear Colleagues, I'm honored to present this Brush Set I collected from brushes I created throughout a few years, since 2011, during work on a number of digital painting works and just for the future.
In addition, along with saving the set in ABR-file, I designed a set in the Photoshop Tool format (TPL-file), as it allows to save more settings. Art samples and backgrounds were created by using the brushes from "Foliage & Grass" shown in the presentation.

You will receive:

ABR-file, «Foliage & Grass 2019 ©Eldar Zakirov.abr», One of two main files, containing 60 product presets in ABR (Brushes) format, after installing all 60 brushes will be available in the Brush list.

2. TPL-file, «Foliage & Grass 2019 ©Eldar Zakirov.tpl», Another one of two main files, containing 60 product presets in TPL (Tools Presets) format, after installing all 60 brush presets will be available in the Tool Presets list.

3. PDF-file, «Foliage & Grass Manual Info and FAQ.pdf», Description, documentation, general information, tips, FAQ.

4. JPG-file, «The Presets & Strokes List.jpg», The list image of Set’s brushes presets with their titles and examples of their stroke/trail. Subdivided by color into:
  • 16 «Leafs» presets (tree foliage);
  • 15 «Carpet» presets (on-ground foliage);
  • 13 «Conifer» presets (fir tree, pine, their branches, and needles);
  • 8 «Grass» presets;
  • 8 «Moss & Lichen» presets;
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (at least) CS and higher versions.

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60 Photoshop Foliage & Grass brushes.

ABR, TPL, PDF | 139.6 Mb
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