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If you love the look of 43 Procreate Brushes and you’d like to recreate the look in Procreate, then this set is a MUST!

I’ve created a set of 43 Procreate Brushes that make it really easy to get a Riso effect in Procreate.

The 43 Procreate Brushes are pressure sensitive giving you complete control of the look and feel of your piece.

I’ve also included FOUR Paper Texture Overlay Brushes to so that you can boost the realism of your 43 Procreate Brushes.

There are also five extra brushes, for creating your initial design.

Key features:

Huge variety of textures, edge effects and brush poses to suit almost any drawing style.
Built from high-def analogue source materials and designed for pro-quality output.
Intuitive and easy-to-use whether your’e a weekend warrior honing your craft or a full-time pro chasing deadlines and dreams.
Easy to navigate brush list with dividers separating brushes by style.
Includes easy-to-use ink washes and watercolors with realistic bleed and blend effects for authentic results.

Have fun applying the authentic stamps to your paintings and play with clipping masks and blending modes to mimic that wonderful unpredictability of real watercolor.

Please note: These brushes will only work with the Procreate for iPad app & Apple Pencil, and will not work in any other app.

Installation: Make sure your iOS is updated and you have the latest version of Procreate App – Procreate 5 and higher . It’s very important, because some of the brushes were made with the feature available in Procreate 5.

Procreate Pocket doesn’t have the feature available in Procreate 5, so you can install brushes, but some of them will behave in a different way, not as shown on the video. The canvas file will work correctly in Procreate Pocket as in Procreate 5. Palettes became available in the latest version of Procreate Pocket.

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43 Procreate Brushes.

Brushset | 35.9 Mb
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