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Oct 9, 2020
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Part 1 of a highly revealing investigative series exploring the unlikely rise to power of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, by American author, military analyst, former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, and former United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM) weapons inspector, Scott Ritter.

Continuing the exposé on the creation of Zelensky and how British and US intelligence created the central character of the war, and the conditions which led to the current conflict.

Scott Ritter says…

In the intelligence business, every agent is assigned tasks by his or her handlers. In the case of Agent Zelensky, I’ve identified ten obligations that define his relationship with his foreign intelligence masters. Once you’ve examined each of these, it becomes clear why Zelensky the comedian said one thing, and Zelensky the President did another. What are the true reasons behind the current situation in Ukraine today? What kind of operation has the CIA been running in Ukraine over the course of many years? You will find the answers to these and other questions in Part 2 of my investigative documentary film, “Agent Zelensky.” Watch:

https://vk.com/video26627726_456239024  - Part 2

Translated into Russian

https://vk.com/video26627726_456239019  - 2 часть
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