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  1. Dogma

    Rusty Nib Inkers for Procreate

    Draw til yer dead with over 130 pro-quality distressed inking brushes for Procreate, from rough and gritty to smooth and delicate and everything between. Each brush is built from scratch using original analogue brush and texture samples to create a diverse and powerful set of tools that combine...
  2. Dogma

    Crazy Chicken Scratch Procreate Brushes

    17 Brushes for Procreate. If you prefer gritty messy lines every once and awhile over the overly done clean lines, then this pack is for you. • 5 Pens • 12 scratched style brushes •Software Requirements Procreate 5 and up Demo Crazy Chicken Scratch Procreate Brushes. Brushset | 14.8