1. Dogma

    Fur Photoshop Brushes

    Get 20 brushes for Photoshop drawing. It is easy to paint a variety of fur - long or short, thick or thin. You can use brushes with pen, or mouse. Also you can create a path and use 'Stroke Path' function. Get cool fluffy effect easily! Features: 20 Photoshop Brushes Different Fur Effects Easy...
  2. Dogma

    50 Procreate Hair Brushes

    Clean and easy to use Stamps are to be used with the program Procreate on the a iPad with an Apple Pencil. You can use these in any color or opacity. Please note it is ONLY compatible with the Procreate App. Demo 50 Procreate Hair Brushes. Brushset | 14 Mb
  3. Dogma

    24 Procreate Hair Color Palette Collection Pack

    Procreate Hair Color / Colour Palette Bundle Pack - A set of 24 color schemes with 30 swatches in each for illustrating natural hair colors, hair styles, faces & portrait art - light, dark, bright, pastel blonde / blonde, beige, platinum, red, orange, ginger, brown, espresso, black tones &...
  4. Dogma

    Procreate Realistic Fur & Emoji

    30 Incredibly Fluffy Procreate Brushes. The set includes various types of realistic fur. You can draw animals, fictional characters, you can also use to create fur coats in fashion illustration and much more. You are getting: 30 brushes fur of various types (long and short hair) 32 emoji...
  5. Dogma

    Hair Brushes for Procreate

    This brushpack comes with 15 brushes (5 are brows stamps) Hair Brushes for Procreate. Brushset | 4.1 Mb
  6. Dogma

    Procreate Hair Brushes

    A hair salon on your iPad! This set makes it really easy to create stunning realistic hair, complete with highlights and low-lights. There's an eyebrow brush (brush it on and build up the brow volume), a single lash brush, and brushes for creating beards and body hair. Great for animal portraits...
  7. Dogma

    Fur Brush Set For Procreate, Animal fur and hair brushes

    Fur Brush Set For Procreate, Animal fur and hairbrushes for procreate, 45 brushes, digital brushes iPad Digital Brushes, Procreate Brush. 45 Fur brushes Procreate for creating furry. Important: You must have an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil. (or a compatible pressure-sensitive stylus) and the...
  8. Dogma

    Fur & Hair Brushes for Procreate

    With this pack, you'll get 11 genuine fur & hair brushes. They will be your go-to brushes especially if you are looking for fur brushes to draw more realistic animal portraits. They can also be used for human portrait drawings. The pack includes: 3 dog fur brushes (basic, shader...
  9. Dogma

    Braid Brushes for Procreate

    Hi everyone! Thank you for watching my Braid Brushes set for Procreate. This collection includes 20 brushes + file of the Model in PNG format. To use these brushes you will need the Procreate App, iPad and the Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil compatibility. Zip archive includes: - 20 Braid Brushes...
  10. Dogma

    20 Procreate Hair Brushes

    20 Procreate Hair Brushes. Realistic Hair Brushes. You will receive: 1 Procreate brushset file with 20 different Hair brushes inside and 1 PDF with tips for installation. These brushes works ONLY with Procreate. Demo 20 Procreate Hair Brushes. Brushset, PDF | 7 Mb
  11. Dogma

    Portrait Procreate Brushes

    Portrait Procreate Brushes are specially designed for Illustrators and Graphic Designers. Ideal for: Portrait Illustrations Procreate Drawings Logo Designs Religious Art Advertising Watch the Portrait Procreate Brushes in action on the Digi Life Testing Video. Includes: Hairy Braid for...
  12. Dogma

    Animal Fur Procreate Brushes

    32 high quality dynamic fur and hair brushes for Procreate. This brush set lets you easily create realistic fluffy and fuzzy effects. The brushes are varied, some will give a smooth fur effect, some wiry and coarse, and some kitten soft. There are even brushes for fleece and duckling down...
  13. Dogma

    Fur Texture Brushes for Procreate

    This library represents my best fur textures. Includes various types of fur. such as astrakhan fur, fox and mink fur, goat, leopard, tiger and others. Great for interior design, clothing, and character creation. Hope these textures come in handy in your next project! Demo Fur Texture Brushes...

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